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Through Fujiyuki's softly screamed vocals, gently echoing into madness, and 821's bass, which reaches for the innermost depths of the human heart, Sarry's music named "Ethereal drone" - at times incantational, at times narrative - explores the occult realm of sound that connects this world to the next.

Taking elements from various genres such as dark ambient, drone, Buddhist ritual music, krautrock, hardcore and noise, and blending them into an original style of performance using only bass and vocals, Sarry stands out even in Osaka's underground scene - the most unorthodox in all of Japan - and has received praise from musicians at the forefront of the Japanese underground,


821(Hani / Bass,Vocals)

About the music of Sarry:

"Pursuing sound which connects this world to the next" is Sarry's musical concept. It is sensuous music which evokes memories of humans' fundamental ancient connection.
All of the world's music possesses this connection, and we are just trying to emphasize it as the essence of music. Sarry's music uniquely incorporates non-musical elements, focused on the harmonic content such as ambient, drone, and noise. The singing, like non-verbal chanting, is often repetitive, but with different expressions inspired by landscape, religious art and the buddhist view of the world -- like a bridge for us between reality and the surreal.

Sarry Biography:
- Formed in the autumn of 2004.
- Performing live, mainly in Osaka, since December 2005.
- Self-produced CD-R "Ai" was produced in September 2006.
- First album "φ" released on Gyuune Cassette in December 2008.
- Second album "ψ" released on Gyuune Cassette in July 2009.
- Limited edition CD "Roshara" released on REVERB WORSHIP in England in February 2011.
- Performed live in Perth Australia in September-October 2011.
- Limited live split CD "Sarry+Drowning horse" release in Australia in December 2011.
- Limited edition Live album "Sou en" released on REVERB WORSHIP in England in August 2012.
- Sarry EU tour in October 2012.
Performed live in Berlin Germany, Basel Switzerland and Paris France
- Album "Shiva" released on Heartless Robot Productions in Australia in August 2013.
- Limited edition best album "Sarry" released on REVERB WORSHIP in England in August 2013.
-Performed live in Perth and Outdoor Festival "Camp Doogs 2014" Australia in October 2014.
-Performed Un-plugd live at Gallery Nomart in Osaka in September 2015.

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